Never risk injury or stress by trying to complete your own electrical work or repairs. Our highly trained team of electrical experts at Peck & Weis are pleased to offer complete service for your indoor or outdoor lighting, generators and other electrical needs.

Peck & Weis is your local Kohler standby generator authorized dealer. We install new standby generators for your home and business to provide the backup power when you need it most. A standby Kohler generator provides power during an outage.

We install the unit outside of your home (like your a/c unit) and comes on automatically within seconds of a power outage because you never know when an emergency will strike. Keeping your generator in constant working condition is insurance against any unforeseen problems.

Our award-winning team has over 150 years of combined experience and has been named best electrical contractor in Walworth 3 years in a row.

Home Generator

Single Phase, Natural Gas|LPG, 6VSG

The generator made for renewable energy, including solar power or other remote applications. The KOHLER 6VSG battery-charging generator efficiently charges battery banks when renewable energy sources can’t keep up with demand. If your battery charge drops below a pre-set level, the 6VSG charges it automatically.

Home Generator

Single Phase, LPG|Natural Gas, 8RESVL
with Automatic Transfer Switch and OnCue Plus

Our generators for backup power provide reliability and performance. When you lose power during an outage or storm, a hard-working 8 kW KOHLER® generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on.* OnCue® Plus Generator Management System is standard with every RESV or RESVL generator.